View MANTIS Evidence Centre footage via WEBFLEET from Webfleet Solutions

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MANTIS is the worlds most advanced Vehicle CCTV solutions for car, van, truck and coach featuring innovative technology to prevent and prove accidents on the road. Solutions range from 1 to 24 cameras and can be viewed via high speed 4G on MANTIS Live.

MANTIS and Webfleet Solutions have created a multi-layered integration which allows you to:
- View Video footage automatically uploaded to the MANTIS Evidence Centre in relation to Webfleet Solutions Driving Events
- View MANTIS evidence Centre footage via WEBFLEET
- Receive email notifications on serious driving events detailing driver, severity, location, Geo co-ordinates & speed with a video link showing 10 seconds before and after event

Countries of sale:
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • American English


MANTIS™ is the Market Leader in Vehicle CCTV Solutions for fleets of all sizes. With experienced and industry leading Engineering and Technical teams, MANTIS Support will help the smooth running of your business. As reliance on technology continues to increase, with growing ways to communicate, it is imperative that we keep our customers updated with the best available solutions to fit their unique fleet and business, and ultimately improve business efficiency, the MANTIS way.

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