RouteSmart for Utilities

RouteSmart Technologies
RouteSmart for Utilities

Mobile Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Read Range-Derived Optimized Routing

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Following the RouteSmart-optimized AMR travel path maximizes your investment. RouteSmart's AMR solution is integrated with WEBFLEET, enabling meter readers to precisely execute their optimized route in the field, without requiring extensive geographic knowledge or experience.
- Make new routes simpler to learn and to execute in the field by dispatching directly to PRO Driver Terminals
- Review planned vs. actuals
-Increase daily reads by 10x or more over legacy routes
- Combine and optimize cycle days for mobile AMR routes
- Reduce time and mileage by 50% or more by leveraging your ERT read-range knowledge

Countries of sale:
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
Supported languages:
  • American English

RouteSmart Technologies

Leading organizations in the utilities, newspaper, postal and parcel delivery, and public works industries have to come to rely on RouteSmart to solve their complex routing problems. With an unrivaled combination of insight, experience, and industry specialization, RouteSmart is a leader in vehicle route optimization software technology for the community of clients we serve. RouteSmart software integrates with client-side systems to form a complete routing solution for meeting the demanding operational needs of the industries we serve.

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