Automated Parking

Automated Parking

Reduce your parking admin by up to 90%. Automatically.

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Take control of your fleet's parking with Parkd's world-first solution.

+ Automate everything
Parkd automatically starts, stops and pays for your fleet's parking sessions. All your drivers need to do is park.

+ Save 90% on your parking admin
It costs €7 on average to process a single parking ticket. With Parkd, all parking tickets are condensed into one invoice.

+ Pay by the minute
We stop your parking as soon as you drive away, eliminating unwanted spend.

+ Complete control
Parkd's dashboard lets you manage, filter and export all of your fleet's parking in one, easy place.

+ Connect in 5 minutes
Use your WEBFLEET details and automate your fleetâ's parking in under 5 minutes.

Countries of sale:
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • American English
  • French
  • Dutch


Parkd is the future of parking. Our world-first parking solution automatically starts, stops and pays for your fleet's parking. In 2017, we were named the most innovative automotive solution in Europe by Fleet Europe. Across Europe, we're changing how people park. No cash, no cards, no parking fines just a single invoice. Making life easier for fleet managers and work easier for drivers. We already support +150 cities in the Netherlands & Belgium. This year, we're parking up in Germany, France & Spain, giving more freedom to your fleet.

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