Smart Efficient Enterprise Utility

Smart Efficient Enterprise Utility

SEE-U for your operations department to organize an optimum management combination between clients expectations, profitability, and vehicles.

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SEE-U is developed with the most sophisticated plan-board available on today's market. And in the same moment functioning as an ESB, for integrating to the heart; routing your enriched data back to it's origin (ERP, TMS) as preparation for invoicing, KPI measuring etcetera.
More effective load schedules: the ability to see and automatically match all available loads to the available trucks, maximizes asset use and minimizes mileage and fuel costs, while ensuring timely arrival at the end destination.
When SEE-U is powered by PRO Driver Terminal, we can offer guided navigation. What your planner calculated as most efficient, will be on the navigation device. No more excessive kilometres and significant reduced CO2 emissions.

Countries of sale:
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Polish


When you work with different operating systems, use different database solutions, operate multi computer languages, or have legacy software (non supported anymore by your vendor.) Gistraxx provides the solution with it's Intelligent middleware (IMW *). Our core competence consist of connecting vehicle tracking & tracing devices and integrate these into TMS / ERP.

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