PASSonBoard for healthcare vehicles

Regola S.r.l.
PASSonBoard for healthcare vehicles

On-board software for Healthcare, Social and Charity Volunteer Organisations. Manage your ambulance mission, track your operations, straight to the target

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PASSonBoard is the operative dashboard for professionals working on ambulances or healthcare vehicles. It is designed to guide the team to the target, inform about mission details and keep track of mission progress.

Integrated with WEBFLEET via API and with a customized app on the PRO8 terminal, a robust end to end integration.

Its typical context is that of Volunteer Organisations involved in daily healthcare activities, such as transport to and from hospitals, emergency or homecare missions.

Main features:
- All pending missions are accessible at a glance
- Complete interactive overview of mission data, including employed devices and products
- Mission progress is recorded quickly (one-touch)

Countries of sale:
  • Italy
Supported languages:
  • Italian

Regola S.r.l.

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