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Trip Driver Portal for Coaches and Passenger Transport

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The interface with WEBFLEET is integrated in the TRIP NT Drivers portal (Chauffeursportal).

An order in TRIP can be send directly to the PRO Driver Terminal and will be split up in:

1. Pickup Order
2. Passenger Transport
3. Back to Depot.

In TRIP the real time progress of the orders can be monitored based on the feedback coming from the coaches.

To get a fully compliant reporting, TRIP records all actions and includes the odo-meter reading (mileage) and timestamp. In one overview the planned versus actual trips will be shown. Trips will then be administered automatically.

This unique integration offers:

- Efficient administration;
- Faster invoicing;
- Real-time monitoring;
- Higher margin;

Countries of sale:
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
Supported languages:
  • Dutch

Trip Software B.V.

Trip Software is a young and dynamic software house, specialised in the development of solutions for the coach and travel industry. Our employees develop the software, advice, implement and support our customer to help get the most out of their IT solution. We believe well designed software system creates room for growth and development. Our software has a modular design and all functionality is integrated. This allows you to only input data once. Trip NT offers you a solution that covers your end-to-end business processes:

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