GTS Systems and Consutling GmbH

GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH
GTS Systems and Consutling GmbH

Vehicle Routing and Optimisation by the Technology Leader

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TransIT is an easy to use and powerful solution suite for planning and dispatching crews and vehicles. Due to its wide functional range it can be used for strategic, tactical and operational (real-time) planning. Its powerful optimisation engine lets you optimise your routes with a few mouse clicks. More than 100 clients from different industries use TransIT for their planning.
As a Webfleet Solutions partner GTS Systems and Consulting has a versatile and flexible interface to the WEBFLEET platform. This allows for a tight integration of planning, execution and reporting and is an excellent platform for quality improvement and cost saving.

Countries of sale:
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch

GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH

Advanced Technological Solutions for Optimisation, Transport and Supply Chain Management GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH is a consulting and systems provider specialised in solving complex optimisation and control problems in transport and supply chain management. As technology leader we aim at always offering our clients the best and most effective solutions. GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH was founded as a spin-off of the 'Chair of Operations Research and Logistics Management' of RWTH Aachen University.

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