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Christal Light Geocoder

Christal Téléservice
Christal Light Geocoder

Christal Light Geocoder allows you to update a WEBFLEET address by using the current position of your smartphone.

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Thanks to Christal Light Geocoder you can easily update any address in WEBFLEET. Just type or scan the WEBFLEET address ID, then the current geographic position of your smartphone will used to update the corresponding WEBFLEET address.

Christal Light Geocoder can be useful in many different situations :
- Your drivers are now able to correct an address in the field by just typing the address ID when arrived at the correct location.
- They can update the position when dropping a moving element (for example a dumpster or a trailer) by just scanning a barcode.

There are plenty of cases where Christal Light Geocoder can help you.
And moreover, it is for FREE!

Countries of sale:
  • France
Supported languages:
  • French

Christal Téléservice

Christal Téléservice is an IT Services & Software Engineering company specialized in tranport and geolocation. We help companies to manage their fleet and social data by providing them on board GPS systems and tachograph reading systems.

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