TAID-BT - Fleet Control Ecosystem

TAID-BT - Fleet Control Ecosystem

TAID-BT is a radio frequency device for monitoring temperature and other parameters compatible with TomTom LINK devices

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TAID-BT is an “on-a-fleet” radiofrequency platform to control parameters such as temperature, impacts, door opening, etc.
Easy to install and powered with both external supply and internal battery, it enables a precise temperature control in 2 different truck parts.
In addition, TAID-BT is a RF platform able to connect with other PRODIMAR sensors (humidity, position, illumination, driver control and ID…).
TAID-BT shares information via Bluetooth with a TomTom LINK device.
It integrates a screen and keyboard for direct data visualization in the vehicle.
It sends alarms due to configured events.
We offer both cloud and local solution.
Users will be able to permanently control the temperature together with a full range of sensors.

Countries of sale:
  • Spain
  • Portugal
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese


PRODIMAR is an engineering company that designs, develops and manufactures hardware and software for RFID projects (active tags) and wireless devices for the collection, storage and communication of a wide range of sensors in several communications bands (Wifi, Bluetooth, LF, UHF). The company offers a temperature traceability solution for fleet together with a wide sensor network. Prodimar has been offering solutions and turn-key projects since 1988 and counts on a well established partner network.

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