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Qivalon GmbH

Reduce diesel costs with automatic planning of refueling stops App for PRO 8 Series

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Creating a good plan of refueling stops in the commercial transportation sector is not easy. Numerous parameters must be considered: current fuel levels and range, the planned route, gas station prices, and detours. Tankplaner, available on the PRO 8 series, helps with this complex planning by calculating a cost-optimal refueling recommendation while taking into account the before mentioned factors individually for every vehicle and in real time.
With Tankplaner, you can:
- save on diesel costs with the intelligent exploitation of fuel price differences
- plan cost optimal refueling stops automatically
- take your individual discount arrangements for the plan into consideration
- assess your current refueling strategy

Countries of sale:
  • Germany
Supported languages:
  • German

Qivalon GmbH

Qivalon is specialized in connecting various data sources in order to create valuable information for companies in the logistics sector. A spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Saarbrücken, Qivalon has experience in data mining and optimization techniques for transportation companies. Current solutions focus mainly on fuel management leveraging substantial cost savings. In addition, a clear presentation of key figures (dashboards) as well as the determination of arrival times (ETA) are part of the portfolio.

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