Logistics Optimizer

Runzheimer International
Logistics Optimizer

Automated delivery route planning, real-time dispatch, GPS tracking, and field navigation capabilities that displays driver locations in real time

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Runzheimer's Logistic Optimizer is route planning and dispatch software designed to help your service and delivery company lower costs and increase efficiency. Reduce planning time by up to 80% and fuel costs by up to 30%.

Dispatch Optimized Routes Directly to PRO Driver Terminal
- Real-time vehicle tracking relative to your stops
- Update job status from the field
- Integrates seamlessly via API with your existing business systems and with WEBFLEET

Visibility into Your Field Operations
- Instant access to delivery ETA's and electronic proof of delivery
- Know that you are getting the most from your employees
- Software-as-a-service solution

Countries of sale:
  • USA
Supported languages:
  • American English

Runzheimer International

Runzheimer International offers a holistic and strategic approach to mobile workforce management -Total Employee Mobility® (TEM®). The TEM approach achieves measurable cost savings through the integration of the way people, policies and processes are managed. From Delivery Logistics and Business Vehicle Programs to Relocation and Corporate Travel & Expense Management, Runzheimer International offers a holistic view of your mobile workforce management.

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