ASPECT4 Transport

ASPECT4 Transport

This EG transport solution gives you the option to run the solution on your own server or as an online (cloud) service. The choice is yours.

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A cooperation with EG on automating the processes of your company gives you much more than an IT solution for road transport. We find the best solution, based on our extensive experience and an analysis of the processes of your company.

This solution is for those who:
- Want to focus on their core business
- See it as a strategic part of their core business
- Have a very complex value chain

The integration to Webfleet Solutions enables the planning manager to quickly and easily inform the driver about collection and delivery addresses including any relevant comments. This ensures efficient communication, and the navigation provides optimised routing.

The information returning from the vehicles to the office is another benefit.

Countries of sale:
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • Swedish
  • Danish


EG Transport has gone through every corner of the transport business during the past 30 years together with about 40 Scandinavian transport and forwarding companies. We have picked up many challenges in relation to IT solutions for road transport. The key to your success depends on the strength of each specific link in your company's total flow of goods. EG's ASPECT4 Transport provides a strengthening of all links in the chain and ensures the operation of your transport and forwarding company.

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