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RSATEK Mobile Solutions

Responsive scheduling and mobile solutions for the service industry.

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Gain a complete view of all technicians, their skill sets and availability (today or future appointments) and with a click of mouse view their real-time map location.
Add a new call and it is automatically dispatched to the technician via WEBFLEET. Drag and drop calls between technician/appointments and all technicians are automatically notified.
Technicians accept a job, their arrival, work start/completion and departure, all which is updated on your schedule without any phone calls, emails or text messages.
RSA helps you track and manage all key components that you need to run your service company, while improving employee profitable and insuring that service calls turn into revenue and not lost opportunities

Countries of sale:
  • USA
  • Canada
Supported languages:
  • American English

RSA Software

At RSA we believe that software should: - Take advantage of new technology - Be intuitive and easy to use - Fit into the way your business operates - Insure that your customers are happier - Help make your employees more reportable and profitable We have a 20 year history of serving a wide range of customers and offer a complete end-to-end system with work-order entry, scheduling, invoicing, A/R, A/P, Payroll and Financial reporting. All done in real-time and available any-where there is an Internet connection.

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