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Tow Dawg Software
Tow Dawg

Tow Dawg manages lot inventory, creates invoices, manages multiple towing and agency profiles, automates customer billing, and so much more!

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In addition to robust lien processing, Tow Dawg integrates with WEBFLEET to accomplish the following:
- Receive a call from the customer
- Search for the GPS coordinates of the call location
- Find nearest available trucks. Display the truck information to the dispatcher with distance and routing time
- Select a truck (and get the truck information) for order processing
- Create an order and send it to the truck
- Monitor Acceptance, Arrival Times, Delivery (hook-up) Times and End Of Delivery
- Update the application and database in real time
- Update the Dispatch and Call Details screens with status of the order

Countries of sale:
  • USA
Supported languages:
  • American English

Tow Dawg Software

Tow Dawg was created primarily as a means for Dalton Lien Services, Inc. to better support their lien sale clients. Through the years, Tow Dawg has evolved to be an extremely robust and flexible towing software package. Though conceived as a support tool for lien sale processing, Tow Dawg has been refined to the point that many customers throughout the USA find that Tow Dawg is the best software for their business. Tow Dawg is easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate each business, instead of the business adapting to the software.

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